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Re: C-AF disappointing

Originally Posted by Tordan58 View Post
Have been trying the E-M1 Mark 2 during this weekend.

First impression was great. I tested the camera with the 300/4 (also for test) and my own lenses (300/2.8 and Canon 400/5.6) and the AF-S accuracy was much, much more accurate/reliable than the E-M1. Based on these promising start I would have been tempted by the camera. However I must say I am very disappointed with the C-AF. Some 500+ shots resulted in zero keepers. Zero, all shots OOF. This in spite of good light conditions, clean background, camera acquiring and confirming focus.

I tried following:
AF points, central 9, central 5, single AF.
C-AF, C-AF + tracking.
IS-1, IS off.

So just to be sure nothing was wrong with the camera I did some final tests using S-AF and the results were as good as the first test.

Anyone else?
I'm no BIF expert Torden, but I did manage to get some very sharp action shots of birds at a workshop I did recently at Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire. You'll find my write up, with plenty of images here:
E-M1ii, Pen-F and too many lenses
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