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Re: New Monthly Photo Challenge & E-System User Photographer of the Year

Originally Posted by AMc View Post
You can edit and add EXIF data for any old JPG if you're a cheat. But then you could enter someone else's image too for that matter. As the prize is just kudos I don't think there's any point worrying about it.

As a side I tried to enter a picture in the MyOlympus competition running at the moment. I'd straightened the image in GIMP and it was automagically rejected by their system as it wasn't taken on an Olympus camera - which the EXIF clearly shows it was. So I reprocessed it in Lightroom and got the same result.
I then discovered there is no arbitrary angle image rotate in OV3 (that I could find) so I couldn't enter it at all

FWIW I would prefer a limit of images taken within the period of the competition to discourage scouring the back catalogue which favours those with long histories and doesn't encourage anyone to go out and take more images.
I'd prefer the next theme to be chosen by the winner of the previous round to encourage us to respond to the brief rather than plan months in advance but I'm more than happy to go with the current format and see where we end up.

I'd like to thank you for taking the time and effort to ask for opinions and try to refresh the competition!
I certainly appreciate the value of encouraging members to shoot fresh images for the competition but at this stage it is likely to limit the number of entries so I'm inclined to delay its introduction until the new format has had a chance to bed in.

I was personally very happy with the system of the winner of the round setting the theme for the next, but it has been pointed out that this responsibility may put people off entering the competition. Inviting suggestion for future themes is a compromise that I am willing to try.

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