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Re: Beginner, trying to learn on mirrorless camera

What should you expect from attendance at a Camera Club you ask.

Well, for one, death by sitting in the dark looking at photos of dogs, bridges, flowers etc, whilst a guest judge awards points to each. . I can still hear the judge's voice "I'll give this one '13 1/2' because it's slightly blurred..."
At half time, coffee or tea dispensed in plastic cups by ladies reminiscent of a mothers Union.
Members who at the drop of a hat will bore you rigid talking about their Canon or Nikon hardware, and how their 5D mkiV can take a wicked image of a vase of flowers at 200 yards with their 70-210 f2.8.
I've attended two separate camera clubs, never to return. My first visit was on a competition evening (as if photography can be remotely competitive) and I escaped shortly after half time pretending I was off to the toilet!

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