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Old 2nd September 2015
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New E-M1 user

I've just taken advantage of the August sales incentives to trade in my E-M5, LD6 grip & 12-50mm lens for an E-M1 body. (I'd had my E-M5 since they were first released, and so got the invaluable HLD6 grip as a freeby from Olympus to go with it.)

But with the August 150 P/X bonus plus a free HLD7 grip from Olympus I've finally jumped over to the E-M1. First impressions are that it feels just like the E-M5 with its grip - but without the annoying need to remove the grip every time the battery needed charging! The buttons on the back are larger and easier to operate too.

I'd left it a bit late to get my old kit valued by post and credited to my account before I bought the new body, but WEX agreed they'd put the credit back into my credit card account if I paid for the body upfront, and also to honour the Olympus 150 P/X bonus. It's all gone through now, and WEX even paid me an extra 20 because they felt my E-M5 was in better condition than I'd said!

Now I'm reading through Darrell Young's excellent guide to the E-M1 and setting it up as I want it, with Olympus promising that the free HLD7 grip should be with me in 30 days.


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