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Re: Windows Hell

Originally Posted by Willom View Post
Having struggled with an underpowered laptop running Vista for the last few years I have taken delivery of a brand new machine. To save myself from many frustrations ( similar to those aired here) I decided to dip my toe in Linux which Paul suggested on the first page. I can only say how surprisingly easily it has gone ( apart from it taking a long while to get dvds to play but it was mostly my fault for not following the instructions fully ). So there is an alternative to the two mega corporations out there. You do have to be willing to give up much of the software that you may have invested in but as the only pieces if software that I ever bought were an accounts package and Kaspersky it wasn't much to leave behind.

It is still early days and it is possible that I'll go back to the comfortingly familiar arms of Windows but it is a fading possibility.
The irony is that had you tried W8.* on your laptop it would have run a heck of a lot faster than with Vista.

My last laptop, purchased in 2009 came with the choice of Vista or Windows 7. I chose the latter, but got the promotional upgrade to Windows 8 which I installed on a new 512 GB SSD. It now takes fewer than six seconds to boot my six year old i3 laptop!

I really like Windows 7, which is a rock solid, heavyweight OS, but it does need a fairly powerful PC to run well.

Windows 8 and 8.1, by comparison are both much lighter than W7, and they load so much more quickly. It is just a case of getting used to the menu system, which was designed for touch screen devices.

My latest laptop runs W 8.1, and is a joy to use. Better still, I am getting around 18 hours battery life with the power of an i7 CPU, so no complaints there.

I also installed W 8.1 on our daughter's HP 8200 SFF desktop machine recently. The computer has an i5 CPU and 16 GB of RAM, but is about five years old. Despite that we have all been amazed by how quickly it boots up and runs. (About 12 seconds to the login screen.)

My only gripe with W8.1 is that Adobe has chosen to prevent Photoshop CS5 from updating ACR, so it will not open raw files from my OMD-EM5. (This was not an issue on W8.0.)

I realise CS5 is an old version, but it was handy to have on the laptop for occasional use, as I don't want to sacrifice one of my Adobe CC licenses on it.

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