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Re: Bluraybha (absolute nightmare)

Ok thought I should say something I bought the olympus 14-54 lens off Scott don't know if he made a profit our not and don't care ,but I need to set the record straight Bluraybha is doing exactly what he accuses Scott of doing buying on this forum to sell on and make a profit .
About two years ago I bought an E30 and 14-54 lens on this forum great deal I aready had a 14-54 on my E1 so sold the other one on here I think for about £125 .
Bluraybha bought it no problem then I got a message saying it had a stiff zoom and he uploaded a video on utube and sent it to me it showed him sitting on a bed zooming in and out my lens he had two other 14-54 lens on the bed and showed how well they zoomed conpaired to mine and mine was no good to him because he could not SELL IT ON so that was the reason why he bought it to sell on and make a profit enought said.
I told him to returned it it came back with no lens hood I emailed him he said he lost it and I could buy one on ebay he had the lens three days ,I was that annoyed I just gave him a refund I didn leave any feedback I should have I just took the hit.
But when he attacted Scott for doing the same thing I had to set the record straight ��
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