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Re: Bluraybha (absolute nightmare)

Originally Posted by bluraybha View Post
Hi there. First of all I would like to point out that I have made 18 purchases and 7 or 8 sales on this forum without any problems. Secondly I have been away from home and my brother who also shoots with an E-620 comes on to look for sample shots from new lenses etc. One thing I DID find out when I came back this morning, is that "scott76" who called me an absolute nightmare is that he bought £1300 worth of olympus gear on this forum for £425 including an E-3 and several pro lenses and flashes. Now selling me just 2 lenses and a flash for £400 delivered is some veritable PROFITEERING which by the way, he himself said that "I will be offering the unwanted items from my bundle at a not-for-profit price to keep with Andy's spirit".

A lot of people have criticised him for top level profiteering and now I join that list.

Anyway I'm back now so after getting a chance to read this deal's (and dealer's) history I am not going ahead.

Thanks everyone
Ok you managed to funnily enough forget that there was a 35mm Macro in that price also so for £400 delivered you were getting a 14-54mm,70-300mm,35mm macro and a fl50 flash.Not that bad a deal.But moving on to my massive profits that i tried to make from Andys kit,let me copy this discussion i had with Phil into the thread and it shows exactly how the figures stacked up including selling two bits of kit i already owned It turns out after selling everything including my pieces of kit i was £70 out of pocket for the E3 and 12-60,bag,tripod.Yip not a lot of money i agree but my intention was made clear to Andy and i said if he isnt comfortable with this he can sell elsewhere.Btw a small check of facts you will see i paid Andy £455 not the £425 your uneducated words describe.Anyway below is said explanation that i will leave each person to decide.Had it been you what would you have done?? Let me finish my ramble Bluraybha by asking did you agree a sale and swap details?? did you then fail to pay and answer messages?? Did this lose me another sale because i had an agreement with you?? you will find the answer to all the above is YES thats why i was frustrated and tbh i need not give the explanation below but for clarity i have.Btw my two own bits of kit were a Fl50r and 35mm macro.
copied posts below

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
Scott yes I agree your prices are reasonable but not very reasonable when most of us know what you paid for them. If you had suggested splitting your profits with Andy minus your costs then I think you'd have got a few more bids.

posted by Scott
Phil let me try and explain this as best as I can,my reasons for taking the kit was the E3-12-60mm combo.I explained that to Andy and he was fine with that.So now onto the money side of things.Andy wanted £425 and I agreed to pay postage of £30 on top,not much I appreciate for said kit!! So I've advertised items including a 35 mm macro and fl-50r that I already owned.So the Fl-50r and flash grip sold for £175,let's say I get the £400 for the rest that's me raised a total of £575.Take away £30 for total postage we are at £545.but I've sold a 35mm macro and fl-50r in that price,so roughly by my low valuations they are around £160 for both leaving me £385 net.meaning really ive paid £70 total to get the rest,that's a E3,12-60mm,olympus bag and a tripod.Yip not a bad deal but I haven't IMO took the preverbial either.I have tried to sell pretty low and ive obviously put time into the whole thing also.My question is what would others have done because lets be honest Andy was inundated with offers some trying to gazump my offer which when all said and done was Andy's price and the first on the table.When I see others making an offer I step away out of respect!! It's not a go at you Phil im hopefully just clearing this up,thanks.