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Re: Bluraybha (absolute nightmare)

Hi there. First of all I would like to point out that I have made 18 purchases and 7 or 8 sales on this forum without any problems. Secondly I have been away from home and my brother who also shoots with an E-620 comes on to look for sample shots from new lenses etc. One thing I DID find out when I came back this morning, is that "scott76" who called me an absolute nightmare is that he bought £1300 worth of olympus gear on this forum for £425 including an E-3 and several pro lenses and flashes. Now selling me just 2 lenses and a flash for £400 delivered is some veritable PROFITEERING which by the way, he himself said that "I will be offering the unwanted items from my bundle at a not-for-profit price to keep with Andy's spirit".

A lot of people have criticised him for top level profiteering and now I join that list.

Anyway I'm back now so after getting a chance to read this deal's (and dealer's) history I am not going ahead.

Thanks everyone
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