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Bluraybha (absolute nightmare)

It saddens me to have to write negative feedback but such is my frustration towards this forum member I feel compelled to.Bluraybha in the first instance made an offer which I rejected for 4 items together,but over the next 48 hrs we agreed a mutually agreeable price.So he passed his Adrress and I passed payment details to be paid by paypal gift,he could have paid Bt also had he wished.That very day I was offered an acceptable price for the 14-54mm which I said no because of this pending sale.Despite efforts to make contact he has just ignored my messages.Ok I can accept missing one message but this is blatant ignorance and not something befitting of such a friendly forum IMO.So I've missed out on a sale and Bluraybha hasn't bothered to pay or make any contact.Sorry for the ramble but it's a sad situation and personally I would never deal with this person again
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