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Re: Printing??????

I have both A3 and A4 printers BUT when KAPUT I shall only have a cheap letter printer A4 because I have photos printed 4 x 6 and 7 x 5 for cards and its MUCH cheaper on line printers (I use Cornwall ones - as there are so many impoverished artists down the Camel ... and they print high Quality and reasonable with envelope and slip - I only have to put the card and envelope together and in the "slip" ) and online ; Tesco ; Jessops etc., or whoever is cheapest for 200 in a batch (often 4p each - but then I have to mount them in 3-fold high quality cards and envelopes and a "slips" to prevent mucky hand marks.

The benefits of home printers of any decent quality and the time to print and trim and mount and stuff in envie and "slip" NAH ! I should have thought it through much better before buying, especially the A3 Canon Xi4000 - and as I only use Canon inks I dare not work out the cost per print, nor add time trimming etc.,

Last Year I made up 1,800 cards at home and 2,500 from Printers ... of course only sold a few for very little as I was hoping they would pay for new kit
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