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I really did enjoy Christine Lagarde in her flawless professional delivery of the 2014 Dimbleby Lecture. It is something I have downloaded and shall read and re read to fully understand her views and the IMF with G8 and G20 of where we may be going and the hurdles of the late 20's and the 30's !

Did anyone else watch this ? What do you think of the potential future ?

Way back in the late 1970's ... sometimes I say that and the person I am speaking too was NOT EVEN BORN THEN ... I was on the IBM PC Study Group for 6 weeks x a few courses at Boca Raton, Florida ... IBM had a Mission Statement "a PC on EVERY DESK" - you could hear the laughter - rattling in the Board Rooms and Workshops and NO ONE wanted nor could afford a PC at home UNLESS they worked from home on it

But look at where Personal Computing is NOW :EEK: Sadly, IBM are not a major player any longer ...

WHO would have thought ... so many PCs in almost every home ... tablets and smartphones let alone Laptops ...

So how much of Ms Lagardes vision can you see ?
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