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Re: E520 faulty in full manual mode

What is 'the manual'? Not trying to describe a manual just trying to isolate the symptoms.

You could be right as to suspect the computer chip, but my next step would be to reset the camera by taking the battery out. In so doing remove all the settings. Re-charge the battery, and when ready clean all the common contact points for the battery and the camera, insert the battery, switch on. This would the best I can think of at the moment to a 'reboot' of the system. You may have perhaps, tried this already but and I will think on.

If you have tried this, set the main dial to A, press info button and then the +/- button and hold. Rotate the dial. Does the over/under exposure indicator change? If it does this will show that the +/- button if functioning.

Another aspect I have just noticed is that when I press the +/- button from the manual setting, I get the info screen and pressing the +/- button again does not select the other setting. ??? You must press the info button to get into the info screen, and then the +/- button to change the selection.

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