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E520 faulty in full manual mode

While my E520 in full manual mode has, on rare occasions, worked properly, most of the time it won't work as specified in the instructions.

Aperture can be adjusted as set out in the instruction manual but shutter speed rarely changes when the control dial is turned.
I try to overcome this by shifting the mode to shutter priority, setting the speed, then returning to full manual - but the shutter speed then shifts to one stop before or after the one I selected. I then try to overcome this by setting a 'false' value in shutter priority and hoping that it shifts to the one I want in manual mode. If I'm lucky enough to set it correctly, the camera loses the setting when I turn it off and selects a random one on startup.

My reason for trying to persist with manual mode is that I frequently use an after-market ring-flash for macro work so I can't rely on the auto settings of the camera. The problem was evident before I purchased the ring-flash.
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