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Re: *** Warning For Jjc Remote ***

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There is no hostility in my post, I am just pointing out that not everything may be as you think. After all, it has happened to me in real life, and you are only basing your post on an unattributable second party for your information.

I think you are misunderstanding what is meant in engineering terms by 'mechanical advantage'. It is the same as the use of a lever, you get a mechanical advantage by using a lever to lift a heavy weight. Likewise, screwing the ring of the plug onto the socket you get a similar mechanical advantage where the force used can appear light, but is multiplied if the plug is pushing against the pins of the socket, rather than simply engaging and locking the plug in place.

And your theory about why it should happen is simply a theory, with no practical experience of what is causing the problem with the JJC unit. I on the other hand have had it happen and also discovered WHY it had happened, and it isn't anything to do with the plastic part of the plug. Perhaps if the black plastic was badly moulded it could give rise to the problem, but ANOTHER genuine option is that I discovered that it was the internal brass tubular connectors inside the plug that go out of alignment and push against the pins instead of slipping over them. So you can be completely UN-STUPID and sensible in attaching the plug to the socket, and the still end up forcing the pins into the body as you tighten the locking ring. If only you had actually read my first post I wouldn't have had to repeat that for you.

So I have suggested nothing that implies I assume people are stupid in not being able to insert a remote plug into a socket, so you can back off with your mis representation of what I said. I do however understand that accidents happen. Otherwise, going by your outburst, we can all assume Olympus think E3 users are all stupid because they put locks on the battery and card doors.

Your misrepresentation continues by suggesting I have been pushing the pins and mounting block into the camera with a toothpick. Where did that come from, you are the one with the toothpick!

I think if you want a discussion you should use some facts every now and again, on the off chance that information can be imparted. Otherwise if you carry on you'll only have people inspecting the end plastic bit of their JJC plugs when the problem may be inside it, as was mine. So if you want to reject my practical evidence of the faulty plug go ahead, but please don't doom other photographers by insisting your idea is the only one. I'm not responding to you any more, you are unable to hold a reasonable discussion about facts.
Read your post once again, please. You are still very hostile and even more trying to insinuate I am stupid, when in reality you are not reading my posts. I never said YOU pushed the pins with anything, definitely not a tooth pick. I, on the other hand did push MY pins and MY camera contact block to test MY camera with a tooth pick before I used my JJC remote because I already knew about some people having problems. If it can be pushed in with a tooth pick than it is probably something wrong with the camera (yours or mine) because I can not push in my contacts. Everything else is in YOUR imagination and misinterpretation. Got that? If not, I can try again later. I can ask an Aussie or a Brit beside me to help with my poor English, if that is the problem, so we can create a shorter version for easier understanding.

What you did with you camera or how you pushed, bent or whatever you did is YOUR business. The two people I am talking about I know well enough to be able to believe what they say. ONE remote and ONE camera I have seen with my own eyes and concluded THAT remote was not like mine, it had several problems, one was the flatness, two was the fact that there was no key feeling, three was that the holes were possibly too small. I am talking about a POSSIBLE problem with others as well; how yours was I have not the slightest idea. Of course the screw offers greater force than my tooth pick, but only if one is careless and tightening it to the maximum and only if there are other problems as well. Again, you screw tutoring is just an insinuation of me being stupid, when in reality you don't seem to understand what I am saying and interpret in a very hostile way.

Your post made me regret I bothered posting this at all. Nobody else seems to be interested anyway, so why bother? Unfortunately, on this forum one can not delete his own thread, so now it will stay. I don't know what your problem is, but whatever; I think you should cool down a bit.

if you want to reject my practical evidence of the faulty plug go ahead
No, I am not rejecting anything. Of course it is a faulty plug, I saw one with my own eyes, remember? I even write about that as well. But Oly can not disclaim responsibility for a weak design, regardless how much you seem to try to defend them.

don't doom other photographers by insisting your idea is the only one
I doom no one, you on the other hand do that, as it seems. I talk in a general term and just reporting what I have seen with MY own eyes. The problem I have seen may be ONE of the problems, got it?

I bow for the photograpger in a graceful good bye on this subject. Not going to post more about this. My aim was to inform others in what I have seen, and that has been done now. I even spent some time in illustrating my thread with a few macro images. Sorry I wasted my time here.

Good bye