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Re: Hawk Conservancy Photo Day Sun 8th May


14-54 could be useful, and you might find that you have the 50-200 'welded' to the camera for most of the day, but you might also want to pack the Bigma as well because you may find it useful at the 2.00pm display (depending on where you are sitting of course!).

This display takes place in Reg's Wildflower Meadow (which is approx a 7 acre field full of wild flowers etc), and the display is designed for the birds that like to have more room to fly and soar in (kites, eagles and vultures). Plus - if the ground isn't too wet - the audience will also get a 'history lesson' (I won't say any more ).

A word of warning though - this place is addictive. First a photographic day, then a few visits turn into regular visits, which then turns into getting a year's membership..... - oh, that just might be me though !

Strangely enough, I am going on this photographic day with my daughter tomorrow as it happens, so most likely will see you there!

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