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Re: E-3 Image Quality Settings?

Originally Posted by Woofmix View Post
Recovery of blown highlights for starters, white balance can be changed, exposure can be changed, noise can be removed more effectively, basically RAW files can be altered in any way where as jpg's are very restricted.
Here's a link from The Luminous Landscape that explains the advantages or differences between RAW and jpg very well. Paul
Paul - thanks for the link on RAW.

Technical explanations on the differences between RAW and JPG I have previously read elsewhere and if I were shooting either Canon or Nikon I would then no doubt be post processing in RAW.

As I am essentially retired from commercial photography with only an occasional professional assignment from an old client or two, most of my shooting is now recreational and I post here any images that I think may interest this company and my pictures are seen by my peers for whatever they are.

One of the most sensible arguments I have read on the issue was by Ned Yeung from Edmonton Alberta who wrote in a longer article titled Why Olympus:

"(Olympus has) ... the best JPG processing engine, keeping the best image quality, detail, and properly balanced colors. I know many of you proudly state that you shoot "RAW only", but I'm sorry... my clients simply don't have the newest RAW engine to handle -MY- camera. I shoot primarily for commercial clients and not consumer, meaning that I want to shoot and go, sending my out-of-camera images to their graphics department to handle and edit them. I need a polished, cross-compatible format, not a proprietary, unfinished format."
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