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Re: Olympus 300mm F4 Pro Lens

Originally Posted by Alpha1 View Post

The dual image lens stabilisation systems is really interesting. I suspect that at FL's above 300(600) the lens stabilisation will be more effective than IBIS.
At least we will have the choice between both systems. The video in my post tends to suggest that he used both systems together and the camera sorted it out? If that is what he meant then I can't quite get my head around that!

Perhaps yet another firmware update for the E-M1?
According to Olympus the dual stabilisation requires firmware 4.0 which is the current most recent release. I had hoped that Olympus and Panasonic would agree a common dual stabilisation standard but according to Richard Butler's preliminary report on DPReview this is not the case. So it appears that to get the full benfit of dual stabilisation you have to use this new lens on either the Olympus E-M1 or the E-M5 mk2. This makes the new Panasonic 100-400 a little less appealing if you stick to Olympus bodies.


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