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Re: Flash for macro insects with an E-500

Wow what a great site. Wake up in the morning and find loads of helpful comments - full of hope! I shall work my way through them with much pleasure - most goes right over my head right now. But it's SO nice of you all.
Re the initial question, I don't know what it stands for, but in the Manual it says: >Super FP flash timing is longer than standard flash timing. This means that pictures can be taken at a higher shutter speed than is possible with normal flashes. Fill-in flash shooting with the aperture open (such as in outdoor portrait shooting) is also possible with Super FP flash.< I've read elsewhere online that it's a series of very fast flashes, starting even before the shutter is properly open. But anyway it sounded good because currently, when on Shutter priority mode, the fastest it'll do is 1/160, and even at that speed it makes the Aperture wide open, so I can't get much of the insect in focus at a time. But as I say I'm really going to enjoy reading all these kind replies very slowly to take them in, and including going to find these DIY ways of using the inbuilt flash.
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