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Wayhey! That's fantastic news!

Originally Posted by Solar View Post
Corrected the phenomenon where the flash control caused an under exposure while using bounce flash at short distances with the FL-50R or FL-36R Electronic Flash.

I experienced this when shooting static car displays at AutoSport International earlier this month ... after struggling with a few shots (my first outing with the E-3 too) I decided to remove the FL-50 and shoot with a higher ISO instead which actually did a really good job ... much better than my E-500 did. So glad it was fault (and it's now fixed of course!)!

Originally Posted by Solar View Post
Increased the number of storable still pictures by improving the battery check when the Power Battery Holder HLD-4 is attached.
Not sure I fully understand this ... are they talking about number of pictures you can take before the batteries tell you they are empty do you think/know?

Thanks for posting Solar and thanks to Olympus!

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