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Re: Default Custom Mode options OMD1 Mk2

Dennis to be honest I don't use the custom settings either. I did set C1 to some aeroplane in flight settings that were recommended by Jonathan Saul at an Olympus workshop some time ago but I've not used it since and can't remember what they were now! hence, to use it would feel a bit like I wasn't in control of my camera, if that makes sense? I like to set the aperture, shutter speed and iso to what I think I'll need at the time. I tend to use aperture priority 90% of the time and shutter priority, when I remember, for things that move quickly. I never use BBF just focus and recompose with centre weighted metering and lots of tweaking of the exposure comp dial as needed. For macro and some birds I'll switch to spot metering but then always forget to switch it back and wonder what has gone wrong with my camera for landscapes! I'm lucky I guess as I've never used anything but Olympus since I went digital so don't have any experience of an easier way of operating. Hope you find settings that suit you.
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