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Default Custom Mode options OMD1 Mk2

Hello All, Sorry if this sounds silly to you lot, but alas not silly to me as my OMD1 Mk2 is new to me and my memory not so good in my head..

Olympus UK were Great with helping me..After my Battery Debacle They changed my camera and I got a new one. With the other I reset the camera settings, on this one I left the C1, C2, C3 at their default custom mode options except my 'A' of which I used BBF (my preferred setting). Now these settings are/were alien to me. I went out with my 75-300mm attached and sat still to take shots of 'Damosiel Flys' using C1, C2, C3 and my 'A'. Camera said 283 shots, but today I had a huge surprise and had 562 shots with JPG/RAW. Now I do not understand what was happening and not got a clue what the camera was doing on these settings. So yesterday evening at Carmarthen Cameras, Wales UK I went to a presentation by Geraint Radford: Macro Ambassador Promo. Thoroughly enjoyed it all. Chrisztine (spelling) was there and was a Terrific Help to me. So we canged the JPG/RAW to RAW only. I do NOT do Jpg..I don't like these Custom settings that Olympus uses as it confuses me. Can someone point me in the right direction of good settings for Birds (C1) Insects (C2) plus explain what the original custom Modes do.

I also had a Very Mad Moment at Carmarthen Cameras and did what I said I would never do.--I went and bought the 60mm lens and the Twin Flash STF-8. Alas I did not know as no one pointed it out that it has a Very LOW GN setting. Too low in my book. SO, Do I keep or take it back. ???
Hope someone can explain the above in clear English as I do have slight Alzhiemers n memory is not that good..My Photography keeps me active. THANK YOU.
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