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Re: Ready made setting for Olympus OM-D EM-5 Mark II

Thank you Tim !
I am still struggling with the customised settings. The SCP is so quick to reach and go from there that sometimes I feel I do not need that many options in the dials.

The Fn buttons are customised the way show in the first post but that is something I have to think about and decide which I really need.

Sometimes I try one over and over and when it changes other(s) behaviour I reset it.

Which setting do you reach with the Fn buttons ?
I wanted to look through the viewfinder and move the focus with the finger on the screen. Can you do that ? I think it is possible but do not know how to do it. Any tip please ? This has nothing to do with the customisation buttons or dials...

One think I find very useful is the possibility of registering the setting as a file in the computer. We can mess everything and quickly reset back to "normal"
That is good !

Thank you.
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