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Re: Olympus 35mm macro or Sigma 24mm?

Well, just to update anyone who's interested, I ended up going for the Sigma 24mm, and I'm really pleased with it.

The f1.8 maximum aperture really helps in low light, although the DOF is *so* short that getting the focus on target can be a little tricky!

The down-sides (now that I actually have some experience of the lens) are:
- It's big and heavy, and really unbalances my E-410.
- The focus ring turns in AF mode (unlike the Zuikos), and it covers much of the length of the lens barrel; this means you can't easily grip the lens in the normal way while focusing.
- The AF is *SLOW*, and in low light will spend ages hunting from one extreme to the other; also, it will occasionally focus slightly in front of the subject.
- It doesn't seem quite as sharp as my 17.5-45 and 40-150 Zuikos (but it's still acceptably sharp for me, and a lot of the non-sharpness probably comes from slight shake, due to the fact I'm handheld at f1.8 in low light!).

Basically, I'd recommend the Sigma to anyone shooting in low light who doesn't mind manual focus!

Hope that helps anyone.
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