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Re: Fine Art Photography Debate

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I agree, but the trouble is that it can be emperors New Clothes and it just takes a load of people to be too scared to say how ineffectual & irrelevant it can be.

Sometimes the one honest opinion should outweigh the mutual backslapping

Oh yes Andy - I totally agree with you. I think the Emin/Hirst lobby are Emperor's New Clothesists - but at least today in 2008 my view matters nought against the many who support the concept.

There's maybe two types of 'Art' - the personal and the public. You can like something which puts it into the former category - but for it to be legitimized - written up etc - it needs a movement -whether we think that's real or shallow. Of course it changes over time. What is hailed as Art today need not last the test of time.

Same in popular culture. Should we call it Spice Girls syndrome - remember when they could do NO wrong! But now.......... they had to cancel the end of their much vaunted world tour for lack of interest!! Same talentless bimbos - different result.
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