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Re: Second hand cars?


"The cars came up on a national car selling site, which searches information provided by their dealers from all over the country. They can only show what's been put there by the individual dealers, and have to assume it's correct/accurate. I can't imagine they would have time to check each entry."

Most Car Sales outlets as well as using Fish, Exchange & Mart, Yahoo etc also have an online presence of their own. If you know the dealer/ship name you should be able to check the mileage on the dealers site.

If you are looking for a recommendation for a car from the forum users perhaps you could give a bit more information.

ie What are you driving now? are you looking for a similar sized car,auto manual, petrol or diesel.
Do you have a preference for 2 or 4 doors or hatchback?
Is petrol consuption important or do you only do a small mileage?

Most of the car manufactures these days build quite reliable cars so personal preference can be quite important.
I've been running Audi A4's for the last 10 years or so and have found them to be totally reliable, its sad to say I know but German engineering takes some beating these days.


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