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Re: Second hand cars?

The main thing that annoyed me with the scrappage scheme was BEFORE the scrappage scheme new cars were advertised at say "9995" The citroen ad comes to mind here.... then when the scrappage scheme comes in, the cars are advertised at almost 2000 more...
We recently had an old (M reg) car given to us for my son, my relatives could not trade it in (didnt want to buy a NEW car) and it was going to cost them to scrap it, so they asked us if we wanted it free. That old escort is a lovely runner, and has got me to work when either my or my hubbies 4 year old cars had broken.
A new car is something I'd not think about, specially when I have kids using the car as a taxi.
My thought is that theres not been much uptake on the scrappage scheme... I cant say I've noticed too many 09 and 59 plates around
Good luck with your search Ellie
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