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Re: E-M5 mk iii - same sensor as E-M1ii ?

Originally Posted by pdk42 View Post
A good street camera needs a tilt-only screen though. I doubt the E-M5iii will get anything other than a swivel screen.

BTW - I spotted a Panasonic GX800 in Dixons at the airport on Mon morning for 249 incl a 12-32 lens. Sell the lens for 100 and you have an excellent street camera (when fitted with a 17mm lens) for 150!
I've grown to appreciate fully flippy screens for street photography - it sure as hell makes portrait format images easier. It doesn't bother me either way these days. I agree it makes the visual impact of the camera a bit greater.

Most people shoot street these days in landscape, but why always follow the Webb-Myerowitz crowd? Diane Arbus is just one of the great street photographers of the past who took a high proportion of images in portrait.

Yes, that's a good deal. The 12-32 is pretty good, actually (or my copy is, anyway: one hears of some copy variation). It's wonderful as a tiny travel zoom, and it's also a good IR lens.

Too much Oly gear.
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