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Re: Why can't we edit our thread 'titles'?

Originally Posted by DavidB View Post
Did you mean the user who created a thread edit the thread title?

The user that created the post needs to Edit the first post [1] in the thread, then select Go Advanced and then an editable thread title will appear in a box above the editable text of the post, change, then Save Changes.

For another user to change the title from post #1 they would require Admin privileges.

[1] Been a few years since I used this forum software, but editing the thread title part way through the thread probably renames it from that point onwards. Which means another user posting on a thread about ot sights might change it to dot sights.
Once the "Thread Title" has been posted into the forum, it requires an Admin. to change it. No big deal, they usually do it willingly but need to be asked.

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