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Re: New Monthly Photo Challenge & E-System User Photographer of the Year

Is this the thread to post this month's images 'on the busses etc' ? Not seeing many images yet. However, I actually have a shot that fits the challenge, and by some strange quirk it was taken with Olympus stuff. But it's an old shot, maybe 3 years ago when I froze time. Thinking about it, I'm not sure if time from capture to display is important, surely it's the image that counts. In fact if you read about editing, photographers are encouraged to allow their images to marinate for some time to ensure the emotion of the event has long dissipated. Editing and posting too soon can lead to a photographer making a bad choice by thinking the image is worthy of public display, when in fact it is a poor or mediocre capture better suited to the waste basket, never to be shown the light of day. It's probably best to leave one's snaps for a year at least, and with the passage of time make a cold detached judgement whether the snap is worthy of public display.

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