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Quality flash without breaking the bank

Ok - I know NOTHING about flash for my EM1.
I have used the little flash that comes with the camera - but can't help thinking that it's very limiting as it's on-camera.

So - with that in mind - what options are there out there that I should be considering?

This caught my eye: Yongnuo YN560-IV
But I have no idea if it's compatible or even any good used with the EM1.

Though I'd love to be able to spend a few hundred quid on flash accessories, every penny is a prisoner just now, so what would you say represents excellent value just now? That flash above can be had for 40 second hand.
I'm not suggesting that 40 is my limit for this - but if I can get something that's a marked improvement to the little OLY flash for that money, it's an attractive proposition.

So - do you fine folks have any suggestions for me? Any advice would be really appreciated
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