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Re: E-group exhibition at the Rock Archive/Image Space at Bishopsgate

Originally Posted by Grumpy Hec View Post
Personally I have given up on this. A great shame.

Indeed I get the overwhelming sense that this forum is not favored anymore as we have not heard or seen anything from Ian for some time to the best of my knowledge, which could of course by woefully incorrect, and I feel that were it not for the good level of activity we would be closed down.

This could be paranoia on my part of course which I hope it is.

Likewise Hec ... I noted that We hardly see any input from Ian these last 6 months ; more and more activity and Press Releases from Olympus UK come to me via Facebook and Twitter on "Events" there first and quite a few "Events" have never even appeared on here at all it is as if the Olympus e-forum is now out of the loop

and yet, time and time again, I meet people who are having problems with their M43 kit (OM-D EM-1; 5 and now 10) and I refer them to join here and search by camera body and/or lens combo and then they Fb or email me to say "Great information database and such helpful, friendly Members" ... and their problems are solved !

THIS is an AWESOME forum of many many Olympus dedicated Members exceedingly helpful and friendly of value
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