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Re: Bigma and White Balance

Originally Posted by Nick Temple-Fry View Post
Which is one of the reasons I favour raw shooting, I can 'compromise' the data after I've applied some of the overall corrections.

But back to Peters query - I've noticed a similar effect when shooting with the 135-400 + ec1.4. I've put it down to either

a) inadvertently shading (or putting into shade because of location) the wb sensor.

2) at the kind of distances we use these lenses - well the wb may actually be different - a bit of reflected light or local shade.

Outdoors the wb alters constantly as we move in/out of shade etc and as the cloud cover alters; I think the auto wb on the E-3 does a damn fine job, in my experience less than 1% 'failure', but maybe we expect a bit too much from it at times.


I obviously agree with the first point as that is my thinking too. Your second point is something I had not thought about but am coming round to agreeing with you. If you are using 'spot' metering, something we do when taking images of birds etc, the chances of changes in W/B must be quite high. Certainly higher than either of the other two exposure modes. I think you are on to something there.

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