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Re: Lens decision dilemma


Thanks for commenting. Our chat was very helpful in making me think about what I actually need, and sorting out priorities.

Originally Posted by Ulfric M Douglas View Post
After having a chat in the bus stop I'm surprised you don't use your 7-14 more for proper landscape pictures : image quality and range of view are great, what with the mZukio 12-50 being not so great with regard to aperture.
The new 12mm sounds expensive and yet you have the Pana-Leica 25mm!
The even newer Lumix 35-100F2.8 is going to cost a lot too.

I use the 40-150 range a lot and my silver Olympus version gets plenty of use, but I see things differently to yourself.
I use the 7-14 exclusively for wideangle when I go out with the "Full Monty" kit. I use the Panny 14mm when travelling light and as a walkaround on the E-PM1 - it fits into my pocket nicely. I'd prefer the 12mm for these uses, but it's just too dear when I have the 7-14 for top quality.

The Panny 25mm was bought because (a) I didn't have a good quality lens in that range and (b) it's fast and I'll likely use it in indoor situations. It's a tad large, but otherwise spot on.

I agree re the 12-50 and aperture, in fact I'm not using it all that much at the moment. Less so if I get that OM macro. I may sell it eventually.

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