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Re: Lens decision dilemma

Originally Posted by jdal View Post
7-14 4/3 SHG - can't bear to part with this!
14mm Panny 2.5 - pretty good quality, tiny - lovely on the E-PM1. But not quite wide enough, 12mm would suit me better I think.
25mm Panny 1.4 - very good quality, a bit big but FAST
45mm Oly 1.8 - very good quality, tiny and fast
100-300 Panny - OK quality, a bit slow. It's a bit of a M4/3 weak spot long fast lenses. I guess they'd be big and expensive.
14-42 Oly kit. Basic, but small. Surplus to requirements I think.
12-50 Oly Kit. OK quality, versatile, showerproof, reasonable macro.

... the Panny 40-150 f2.8 may be very useful.

Photographic jaunts: depending on what I'm doing, a combination of:
7-14mm 4/3, Panny 25mm, Oly 45mm, something to cover 45-100,
After having a chat in the bus stop I'm surprised you don't use your 7-14 more for proper landscape pictures : image quality and range of view are great, what with the mZukio 12-50 being not so great with regard to aperture.
The new 12mm sounds expensive and yet you have the Pana-Leica 25mm!
The even newer Lumix 35-100F2.8 is going to cost a lot too.

I use the 40-150 range a lot and my silver Olympus version gets plenty of use, but I see things differently to yourself.
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