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Re: Lens decision dilemma

Originally Posted by Stewart G View Post
Hi John,
I don't have any micro gear, yet, but on my recent backpacking trip thought the weak link in the whole chain was having to change lenses. I had the 14-42 and 40-150 plus the EX-25, plus an e-620. I missed some good rain shots, that's life, and its not that changing lenses put the gear at risk too often, but the awkwardness of fumbling around with a pack on my back made me wish for something like a 14-150. At least my lenses and camera body were not individually valuable, but dropping on rocks would have made me very sad.
Thanks for commenting. I agree, zooms are much more convenient so long as they are not too big. In N England, where I live, the light is usually pretty poor and fast lenses are a big advantage. And fast zooms are usually pricy and large. Having said that a factor must be the high ISO capabilities of the E-M5 which weighs against the need for the fastest possible lenses.

Hmm.. it's a tough call.

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