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Re: Exposure bracketing using remote control

Originally Posted by b.spooner View Post
Thanks to all for your posts. But I am still defeated!! I set up my E1 to use three frame exposure bracketing and the infra-red remote control. BKT blinks and the remote control icon appear in the control panel - but the shutter releases once only. I can get exposure bracketing with this setup if I press the remote button three times in succession. Looks as though E-3 Invicta is right and E3 users will have this slight inconvenience too!
I think I understand the problem now, Invicta is perfectly correct. I didn't read the question properly - sorry.

On the E-3's direct button for selecting Sequential shooting, Timer and Remote control (RM-1) options you are limited. The options are:

1. Sequential shooting H
2. Sequential shooting L
3. 12 second timer
4. 2 second timer
5. Remote control
6. 2 second remote control

So you cannot set Remote control and Sequential shooting, there just isn't the option to do so (you would need options 1 and 5 together).

So whilst you have set up Exposure bracketing the camera is then looking for a shutter release press for each frame. When you use the remote control lead (RM-CB1) and set for Exposure bracketing you then select the drive to single (one press per frame) or sequential for one press (and holding it) for all the frames.

So with the E-3 (and E-1) you cannot use sequential drive and the remote control at the same time.

Hope that makes things a bit clearer.

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