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Re: Olympus e1 + zuiko 14-54 2.8- 3.5

Originally Posted by Johnheatingman View Post
Hi, I may be totally out of order here as I am also a very new member although I have made a few posts to date.

These new members who advertise items for sale on their first post do so for one simple reason ... because they can. As Janet stated, where better to do so than a dedicated Olympus site ? I can fully appreciate the feelings of established members on this issue and to some extent agree with their sentiments and would also be just as wary. However, instead of berating the seller who may just possibly evolve into a worthwhile member, if members feel so strongly about the issue, why not change the forum rules in some way to prevent such posts from occuring in future. Would it not be a simple matter to stipulate a minimum number of posts, or a minimum length of membership before such sales posts were allowed?

I apologise in advance if i've upset anyone with this response but to be honest, I have felt a little sorry for the new members who have tried to sell what are possibly genuine items and received a negative reaction for doing so.

Bang on the nail, John. We cannot really object to anyone who is acting within the rules of the forum. Of course, it would be prudent to exercise a little more caution with a new member than a long standing one, but even with a "known" regular there is no guarantee and it all comes down to trust.

I know of one case (mentioning no names) where one very well established member sold an item to another, posting immediately in good faith. The recipient promptly disappeared, never to appear on the forum again. I could not believe it when I heard that on the face of it he had done a runner. Of course, there may well be another explanation, such as the poor guy suffering some kind of misfortune. Luckily the amount involved was relatively small, which makes it all the more puzzling.

Regarding this case, the OP has offered personal inspection and collection which bodes well. Hopefully he won't be detered by a less than enthusiastic welcome and stick around to see what we really have to offer.

I think over the coming months we will see a big increase in the amount of gear for sale as more people become disaffected by Olympus's seeming lack of committment. Personally, I am convinced that many of the fears are ungrounded but I know that many do suffer real concerns.

I'd just like to say "HI" to Outremer, how about telling us a bit about yourself and your photography - it's always nice to become aquainted with new members.

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