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Re: Camera stopped working

[QUOTE=johnwb;52021]Hi Dave,

Happened to me with a 520 on Saturday. Camera was fully functional and then could not do a playback of images, nor raise the information screen. I shut the camera off and felt the 'issie' shudder. Switched back on after 5 secs and saw the dust light activation, and thought the batterries are OK, but still no information screen, or playback. Repeated the operation but no progress. Minor panic!

I then checked the camera over fully to see what was functioning and what was not, and to check the battery level: but no screen, so no check, no other way to check on a 520. Switched off, and again the 'issie' shudder. Again I thought 'batteries OK'.

However I replaced the batteries with a recharged set and 'bingo' all was well. I had no prior indication of battery level dropping at all during the initial run with the camera. It was fully functional and then suddenly problems. My initial checks on battery condition were fine.

I would suggest you check for a bad contact, and clean the contacts. If it happens again - check the camera immediatly with a fully recharged battery to see if you can replicate the problem. The fact that the camera was well the following time you used it suggests to me that the the batteries may have had time to 'recover' enough to continue, but you do not say how long this original set lasted until a recharge was needed.

I do understand you were shooting 'RAW' and at 5 secs, all power hungry operations causing a quicker battery drain.

Thanks for this John.

What happened to you seems quite different than what happened to me.
The camera appeared to be fully functional. All screens were OK. Menu buttons worked Etc. Battery OK. (I used the same battery all of the next day, 180 shots)
I could frame the shot on screen, focus, then take the shot. Camera made shutter noise but no delayed action and it just returned to the shooting screen. On checking playback, no pic had been recorded.

Someone on another forum did say that the sensor could have overheated so didn't record image. Must check the manual.
Thanks again.
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