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Third party battery failure for OM-D EM5 II


Has anyone else had the same problem as I’m having with Hahnel and its third party batteries?

When I bought my OM-D E-M5 II from Jessops, it came with the Olympus battery (naturally) and I also bought a Hahnel HL-ON1.

That HL-ON1 has now swollen so it jams if I put it into the camera, and shows the flashing error light on the Olympus charger.

I’ve contacted Hahnel about replacing it as it failed within 7 months of purchase, but the reply I got is; “Due to the fact that the postal system will not accept a lithium ion battery you will not be able to return this to us. You will need to arrange a replacement with your place of purchase.”

Given that in another thread “Third party batteries for the EM1ii (and EM1X)” there’s discussion of buying batteries from a whole range of other suppliers which are presumably sent through some form of carrier, then can anyone vouch for the postal system delivering batteries from supplier to customer so that I can contest Hahnel’s grounds for avoiding dealing with my request for a replacement battery.

And their response begs the question of how Hahnel expect Jessops to get my battery back to Hahnel once I’ve got it to Jessops.

Comments gratefully received.
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