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Re: 60mm Macro

I do all my flash (fill) macro in Manual Mode. Your flash duration is your exposure not your shutter speed.

Use the highest shutter speed to prevent ghosting from daylight. If you want to use low ISO make sure it is not so low as to allow ghosting.

If you set the shutter speed to higher than the flash sync speed it will change accordingly when you turn the flash on.

f11 is my standard aperture but 8, 9 & 10 also feature. I don't do much at 1:1, where f8 will probably mostly do the job. For something like dragonflies you need f11 to get the wingspan or entire body in focus, if that is what you want. I specify the aperture on all my posted images, many with my 50mm, others with x2 TC behind it.

I have button Fn1 set to focus peaking and Fn2 to DOF preview. Aperture is on the front dial and shutter speed on the rear dial.

This is on the EM-1 original and is not lens-specific.

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