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Unhappy Re: ISO is Fake - Seriously

Originally Posted by Naughty Nigel View Post
From my observation using the OM-D E-M1 Mk1 it only takes one shot. That is evident when taking longish exposures. Only after the exposure do the previews pop up on the screen.

My guess is that a single image is taken, the data temporarily held in memory and than amplified or attenuated to the required ISO bracketed values.

If that is the case I would be better off making gain adjustments in Photoshop.
I have just tried ISOBKT with my EM1 MKI and it takes 3 images, althoug I only hear one shutter press and if you you a 1 sec shutter it clearly takes 3 secs to take the picture. However I do find this feature very difficult to get to work, and hardy ever use it. You have to keep pressing the ok button having selected ISOBKT and the words BKT should appear on the evf or back screen. The manual clearly states it takes 3 images. Manual EM1 MK1 p83. If you are not getting 3 images then you cannot be taking bracketing shots.

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