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Re: ISO is Fake - Seriously

Originally Posted by birdboy View Post
My understanding is that bracketing does not merge the images. With ISOBKT it takes the 3 frames with whatever ISO value you have set +/- the step. It only takes one shutter button press to create the 3 images. You could get the same effect by varying the ISO yourself but you would need 3 press's to do it. You then need to merge the images in software such as LR Enfuse plugin. I do not have Photoshop.

EM1 MKII manual p93
"The camera varies the sensitivity over three shots while keeping the shutter speed and aperture fixed. You can select the bracketing increment from 0.3 EV, 0.7 EV, and 1.0 EV. Each time the shutter button is pressed, the camera shoots three frames with the set sensitivity (or if auto sensitivity is selected, the optimal sensitivity setting) on the first shot, negative modification on the second shot, and positive modification on the third shot."
From my observation using the OM-D E-M1 Mk1 it only takes one shot. That is evident when taking longish exposures. Only after the exposure do the previews pop up on the screen.

My guess is that a single image is taken, the data temporarily held in memory and than amplified or attenuated to the required ISO bracketed values.

If that is the case I would be better off making gain adjustments in Photoshop.

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