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Re: Flickr for beginners

1 - I upload at 1920x1080 (or close to maintain proportions).

I don't see any reason to upload anything bigger though I'm aware some people have 4K monitor. I'm also coming from a very slow to a fairly slow broadband connection and uploading massive images is very slow.

2 - Don't upload your images to the internet It's one of the reasons I limit the maximum size I upload though if people are going to steal you can only limit their choice not stop them. You can prevent downloading in the settings but where there's a will they will find a way.

3 - pdk42 has covered comprehensively. I would suggest not embedding a large image here as it will show wider than the screen width which is annoying to some members and makes replies without carriage returns go on for ever on a single line. You can always click through to see larger sizes.

4 - I think that's not user configurable.
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