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Re: HLD-4 and AA Cells.

Originally Posted by EH1 View Post
While we are on the subject of the dreaded HLD-4`s, does anyone know if it matters if you put 2 different blm-1`s in the battery grip at the same time? as I have never dared tryedie. Can I put an original 1500amh battery in with an third party 2000amh batteryI am sure the answer is obvious to those very technically minded on here, but electronic`s are a complete mystry to me!
The age old adage "If in doubt..." serves you well, as it is always best to aire on the side of caution, when many hundreds of the hard earned is at stake.

With batteries Voltage differences is more important than capacity difference. It's similar to you putting a flat battery in with a fully charged one.

Several people keep their battries in sets (I've even seen them colour coded with dots) I mix my ones up all the time and to date it's never been a problem.

I dare say one of the battery experts will have something to say, and I too will be taking note of "Best Practice"


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