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Re: 15mm f8 body cap lens any one?

Originally Posted by Pistnbroke View Post
I had a dream about a post from went...

" thanks for the initial post on the 15mm. Its a lens I have not heard much of and Petrochemists link which I followed was very informative. I don't think Pdk42 read the initial post. Your observation on the royal wedding photos made me realize the detail needed for good wedding photography"
Then I woke up to your sarcasm.
Good for you.
Good for the forum.
Pistnbroke - John is probably one of the nicest people to frequent this forum that I know of. Maybe I'm not so nice ( ), but I do try to bite my tongue over most things. So why the sarcasm? Well, look at it our way (and I hope I'm not attributing opinions to John incorrectly):

- Your posts here always seem to demean the Olympus system. Your sig is not a great starting point ("Master Masons" for Nikon and "Apprentices" for Olympus).

- This latest thread on the 15mm didn't need to include comments like "bit too much for the 16Mp sensor", "16Mp is minimal" and "buying real Nikon lenses". It just sounds like cheap shots to grind your axe about how wonderful Nikon is compared to Olympus.

- Logic such as needing 4x as many pixels as you half the FL might be mathematically correct if the objective is to be able to shoot everything with one focal length and then crop as needed, but it's not really how any real photographer would go about it (as your Nikon glass collection proves).

- You feel OK to post critique of other photographers and yet (unless I'm out of touch), you resolutely refuse to post any of your work here (or even links to anything you shoot). If you want to deal it you need to be prepared to receive it!

- Most of the members here are experienced (and in many cases highly accomplished) photographers. Many use or have used "full-frame" cameras as well as m43. They understand exactly what compromises m43 brings but they embrace those compromises and deliver the goods. When you come along with the snark comments about our gear, don't be surprised if we snark back!!

No-one here (least of all John) would want to present an unfriendly face or generate a hostile environment (go to DPReview if you want that !), but come on - play the game and be nice to us too. Don't come to an Olympus forum and start putting the gear down! And how about showing us some of what you can do? - there's nothing better to generate mutual respect than seeing what each other can do, sharing experiences, learning from others, sometimes admitting failures and at times asking for help!
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