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Re: 15mm f8 body cap lens any one?

I think you gone a bit off pist here ...the 15mm is just to make a pocketable holiday camera of the M5. I know they are closing John Lewis in Lem Spa but try to follow the plot.
If you look at my signature you will see I have the right wild life glass. See you at Warwickshire wild life trust in Brandon lane.
As for the royal wedding ..well it was his first wedding ..should have used a D850 not a D5.
But his basic error is in his posing , yes he got all the men on the "right" side but he does not know that heads in a group should not be one above the other . Move Charlie and his moll 1ft to there right and then the heads don't line up. Same for the girl with the baby. Husband directly behind. Brides mother crushed too much into the brides dress ..too close. As for the kids either wait till they all looking at you or be sure to have one shot inc each looking at you and photoshop them in.
for a first attempt OK but not Ok for a royal wedding or even to join the MPA or BIPP.

So the 15mm arrives tomorrow and if the quality is a good as it seems to be I have a nice little carry camera if I take the grips off the M5
Retirement cut backs.. D7200 with 18-140, D850 with N 28-300, Samyang 14mm Tamy 100-400 + Nikon 200-500mm
Holiday cam .... Olympus OMD M5 + 14mm Panasonic .
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