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Re: Salisbury nerve agent - just what the hell is that stuff?

Originally Posted by timboo View Post
I have been monitoring the news for a while before commenting. One thing, which is very concerning is the advice given to double bag things and store them. IMO a crazy suggestion, who in their right mind is going to sit on such contaminated items in their house. Imagine a typical family under those circumstances you aint going to hold onto an unknown risk you would dispose of it further adding to the spread of what ever it is. There should be the support mechanism in place to hand over said items. Just doesnt sit right with me. I feel for those people in that situation dealing with what is an unknown quantity at time of typing.
I tend to agree. Where would you keep the said garments? In your wardrobe?

From the little that we know it seems that these nerve agents are water soluble (and so can be washed away), and that once exposed to the natural environment they have a limited half-life. Maintaining toxic concentrations n the wild would probably be difficult.

The problem with dry cleaning is that garments are cleaned by exposure to concentrated vapours of organic solvents in what is effectively a closed system. This being the case any contamination removed from your clothes could readily be redistributed to others send only for stain removal, so it quickly becomes a pointless exercise.

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
I suppose the wider question that arises from all of this is why the damn stuff is being manufactured in the first place? Is there really no end to Man's depravity?
My thoughts entirely. Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, organophosphates, tributyltin oxide, etc. were all developed with perfectly legitimate aims and objectives in mind. Their appalling side effects were an unexpected consequence.

But what on earth does anyone want or need deadly nerve agents for?

Worse still, there seems to be no shortage of people who support the regimes that make and use these dreadful materials.

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