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Old 1st October 2017
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Re: Focus Peaking

Originally Posted by timboo View Post
As soon as I pull the focus ring back and turn the peaking glows (mk1). I think I did setup a button once but it zoomed into the focus peaking opposed to the view observed from pulling the ring back. The ring imo is the best option if Im understanding you correctly. The focus ring on the lens switches from manual to auto focus with ease.

Thank you timboo. The only lens I have with a pull back focus ring is the 12-100 Pro. My 75-300 and 60mm macro do not.

@MJ224 ( sorry, I can only seem to copy one reply). Thank you. I understand what you say, but it doesn't seem to make sense on a camera of this calibre. When I stop focussing via the lens, the peaking should stay on if I am in manual and peaking is turned on. Otherwise, how can I then focus by moving my body/camera if something is moving slightly.

Thanks both for your replies.
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