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Re: Solar Power

Hi Dave, it is possible to get the solar installation for free. The company install the panels and they then reclaim the Feed In Tariff (FIT) payments. In effect you give them the roof space and get in return, the free energy. What you generate depends on the size of panels, usually a maximum of 4kW for a normal dwelling and also the roof aspect E to W - is best - or N to S. You can get a Geo solar unit which will show how much is being generated and show also how much dosh you would earn via the FIT. Two payments get paid one for the solar power generated and the other for what gets fed back into the grid. Normally you will need an extra meter to show generation figures. These figures need to be returned every 3 months... IF you reclaim the costs of installation.

Presently, the FIT payments are:

Eligibility Date from 1st January 2014 and before 1st April 2014

NOTE: These payments are dependent on an Energy survey - how good is the property regards energy saving? To qualify for the higher rate the assesmnent need to be rated as a D or higher. With A being the highest and G being the lowest rating.

Top rate (p/kWh)14.90
Middle rate (p/kWh) 13.41
Low rate (p/kWh) 6.16)

Export Tariff - (p/kWh) 4.64

If in doubt of any company, research their feedback.

There is also a Green Deal website which I believe you can use to get three quotes from company's in your local area. They also provide details on what you should look for when deciding which company and what they should provide as well as are they signed up to certain quality certification requirements such as Green Deal Approved, Renewable Energy Association, Renewable Energy Consumer Code and NAPIT.

Hope this helps?
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