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Re: HLD-5 Grip

Originally Posted by Phaedrus View Post
I'll see your Hama battery from 7dayshop, and raise you TWO UniRoss batteries, TWO Transcend 4GB 133x CF cards, an Oly 2GB xD M+ card, and TWO Lowepro Rezo 10 pouches from mymemory...

As a (possible) word of warning, I've got a pair of Uniross batteries that I use in my grip and have found that they have expanded slightly in width (perhaps I should say they have puffed but that tends to suggest a worse case than it is) which makes them difficult to remove from the grip to charge due to a bit more friction. They don't tend to pop out when the lock pin is opened, I have used a scalpel to ease them out a bit to allow enough to grab with my fingers which is acceptable to me. I post this only as a heads up, I don't know whether Oly batteries suffer the same or any other third party brand.

I guess a nice solution would have a charger that connected to the grip and hence allowed both batteries that are mounted to be charged together. I don't suppose such a thing exists.
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